– Lines –

There is a line
A thin and tense one
Some wants to reach it
Some wants to break it

Some wants to walk it
Balanced on the tight wire
Afraid of falling down
But still dancing at ease

Some are tied down with it
An overly restrictive leash
Keeping them to escape
Like a sad dog on rainy day

Some wants to shrink it
Trying to bring closer
Both endpoints
Shifting from line to a single dot

Some also built their own
Walled mindset
Unwavering, impregnable
Protective yet isolating

Dreams, goals, wounds, paths
All drew as lines
Really straight ones after all
Merging with each others
Or opposing their strength
Until loosening
By any means necessary
Might it be rupture, death, cut

Usury, relaxation, acceptance
Pick up the line
This final one
Swallow it down
Loud thunderbolt from the sky
Wake up call
Confirming the end
Until new crops could grow
On unravelled figure

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